Tuesday, December 1, 2009

With Weather Looming

It had rained the night before and I was wanting to go out and shoot but I figured most guys were at home chillin post turky day nursing an aching belly. Things were clearing up and the pavement was drying up...and then it happened. "Ring, ring, ring" let it go to voicemail. Check the message and Josh Sanchez is wanting to head up a party to Oakland for a session while the gettin was good. I say "hell yea" and pack up the gear and smash out. Pick up Josh, Alex, and Nick we brainstorm on some spots and get to hit two. Spot number one is a rainbow ledge at 14th and Mandela. Spot number two is a gap over sidewalk and hydrant. Tried for a third but rain came crashing in and killed the session. Some is better than none.


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