Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cornucopia about getting it done. This past Saturday I had a friend Anthony Anaya come from Santa Maria to get some snaps and just do some skating in the east bay. We connected in the morning and made our way out with a full agenda. On our way to Richmond park we collected Josh Sanchez and at the park we hooked up with Ron Allen and my homie Oc. We all had a good session there and I got some shots of Anthony working the corner quarter pipe. I had received a call the night before from Karl Watson about hitting the "local love" event at Townpark. I had intended on going and skating there and while I was there it turned out I could help Karl with some content shots for L.R.G. This event was super fun and the vibe was all positive. Cory Duffel showed up and played skate with the kids and as it turned out it was good Anthony was there cuz Karl wanted to get a demo vid from a young ripper. After a couple of hours we smashed out to a rail and grass gap spot and got some more shots. It's a trip the way light is gone by 4:30ish and to that effect the last spot was the Harrison park. This is the Berkeley park and the lights make it a night spot to session. A productive day ends at about 8:30 in the eve, drop Anthony with his folks and dump my cards. "Sigh..." Legs cramp and I'm tapped, but so worth it.


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