Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The end is near

Ok so the end of the year is approaching and on that note I'm going to put together a small "best of" shot gallery. The year has been killer. Thanks to all the folks who have made my transition into skating photography possible. People like ...ok this list will be long.., Jonathen Perez, Dookie Collins, Steezy, Noah Scott, Joe, Oc, D, Kevin, Josh Sanchez, Alex, Nick, Ron Allen, Trent, Paz, and my boy Buddah. There are so many fools who helped to make up this blog and I want to thank all of you, if it wasn't for you it wouldn't be possible. Bottom line much love to all the skating community in the East Bay and beyond. Special thanks goes out to Mike and the SPINWRENCH crew. These guys helped to get me hooked up with the scene.


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