Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bill Tomlin Interview

I found Bill on a site a fellow photographer, who has graced the blog, told me about. As I began to familiarize myself with his work I soon realized that this man was multifaceted. I have been holding out on another interview until something different caught my eye and I'm pleased to say Mr. Tomlin fills this bill aces. I'm being kind of vague on purpose so as to not spoil the read on and learn somethin'.


C: So thanks for being here, lets start with the basics. Name, place, age, and what you do.
B: Bill Tomlin, Upstate NY, and I'm a 20 year old photographer.

C: I came across you on Skate Perception. Are you new to this site?
B: Indeed I am new to the site, I joined about a week ago.

C: What brought you there?
B: I have lurked and contributed to many online forums in the past. One of my favorites, wheelsandwax was shut down due to people lack of knowledge joining by the boatloads. I came to perception to get some critiques on my work. Even though it is mainly scrutinizing sixteen year olds, I love the input, it makes me a stronger photographer.

C: Lets talk about your photography. How did you get started doing the skate stuff?
B: I have been skateboarding since seven years old, so when I picked up a camera two years back, skate photography made sense.

C: Biggest challenge when shooting skaters?
B: The filmer.. Sometimes kids land the trick and are over it before I am done setting up.

C: A fan of digital/film or both?
B: I love film, however I never shoot skating with it. Soon I will make the jump.

C: When you are not shooting skating whats your fave thing to shoot?
B: I enjoy shooting people being people, I also enjoy architecture.

C: Do you travel much?
B: I have traveled a fair amount as of late. In the last two months I have been to Philly, DC, South Jersey, Baltimore, and Suburban PA in three trips.

C: How does that treat you?
B: Traveling is always fun. I love observing the differences in culture, as subtle as they may be. Weather I am driving, all stressed out because I am not sure if I have enough gas or I am chilling in the van drinking, taking a trip with homies old and new never gets old. Also a big fan of all of the different types of architecture.

C: I have to say the Topic East Coast publication and blog are dope. What got you motivated to do that?
B: I love magazines, period. So, I thought it would be fun to make my own.

C: Are all the contributors east coast?
B: Yeah, all three of them. I met David Stuck at Manny Mania in NYC, David is a great guy who has done so much to help, he is also an amazing photographer. Rob Collins I met on a trip to Springfield, Mass. Crazy kid with serious skills on a board.

C: What is your primary means to get this mag into peoples hands?
B: It is carried by various in the north east. You can also order a copy directly from me. Order form

C: I would assume you put in some plank time?
B: If by that you mean skating, yes, some say too much..

C: Hey Bill I just want to say thanks for being on the blog and I wish you all the best on your endeavors, any shout outs as we sign off?
B: Thanks for the opportunity. I'd like to thank David Stuck, Rob Collins, Mike Hiskey@Hype, Dan Scott@Keystone, 50, DP, Harry, Sivan, Eamonn@Convoy, Drop In Skate Park, and many more..

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  1. This dude seems like quite the guy to me...can't wait to see what he's going to be up to in the next year!