Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hand In Hand

A slight detour from the normal post...but not totally off track. Over this past weekend photo ops presented them selves in the shape of S.O.T.Y. and a reunion show at Coda both in San Francisco. For those that don't know the previous acronym is for Skater Of The Year, put on mostly by Thrasher magazine and a host of other sponsors. This is a big shindig held to honor the public's choice for who to give the title to. This year Chris Cole took the title and deserves it, in my opinion. The gig was loud and there were many stars in the industry to be seen. I was lucky enough to roll with the Add-A-Trick crew, Ron, Jason, Mustafa and this cool cat Damian. It was a brief visit cuz the next gig came a callin at about 10:00 p.m. We made our way across town to a club in the Mission dist. Coda was a nice place where Ron Allen was gonna hook up with a group he spent sometime on the mic with. Cannon Ball is a kickass jazz band that involves some hip- hop attributes, Dj spinnin' and an mc spittin' game on the mic. The sound was killer and seeing Ron up on stage was a trip. He tore it up! Chilled there till the a.m. then a 1:30 taco run and home to bed. So all in all a skate and music oriented eve...just like the title says "hand in hand" and to me that's how skating and music go.


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