Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the day before Christmas...

And I had cleaned up the house. Then Crystal came home and is the best spouse. She said to me "Honey I thought you would like, to go out with your friends you can if you'd like." So I packed up my gear and ran down to the car, put it in drive and didn't go far. Berkeley was the spot to skate and warm up, skating was fun and then Trent showed up. We got a few snaps, Trent's a ripper for sure then off to Richmond I went in a blur. Traffic was wack but I finally got there. Met up with Paz, D, Oc, Joe, and Walker. Other people were there cuz there's always alot, that park is so fun how could there be not? More fun to be had doing skating and shooting, then my time was up I had to be scooting. Said peace out to the homies and packed up my stuff, leaving the park and fun is quite rough. I had a great day and I heard Joe say "Merry Christmas you scrub and have a good holiday!"


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