Monday, February 28, 2011

Back In Here

Yea kinda been stackin a few waiting to get a post up and I guess now is as good a time as any. The new header is probably my fave of the most recent set, but they all feel decent to me and that will do for the blog. You know what I hate? When you are out on a shoot and you come up short. You think you are good then your batteries die and you realize you failed to buy fresh ones. Guilt sets in. Folks are ready to get down and you are coming up short. Live and learn I guess. Boy Scout motto: Be prepared, damn I know that one...till next time.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kyle Camarillo Spotlight

I can remember meeting Kyle on an early fall morning at the Richmond skate plaza. I had shown up to meet with some homies and go and shoot some photos, Richmond was a good location that was convenient and warm up there is always fun. Kyle was working with Karl Watson on a project that we will touch on in the interview. I approached him and wasn't sure how it would go but I'm the type to just get in there and hope to meet another photographer that is good people and what do you know Kyle was one of those guys. Time passed and it wasn't till One In A Million that it hit me, hey I should do an interview with Kyle. Here we are. Kyle works both as a photographer and videographer and he is good at both. So take a few and check out how Kyle Camarillo gets stuff done.


C: Name, age, occupation, location
K: Kyle Camarillo, 26, videographer/photographer, San Francisco

C: How long have you been shooting skating?
K: For fun with the homies since 1997, professionally since around 2001.

C: Do you remember how and or what got you into shooting skating?
K: Just fun. Really it was just cause I was the one who's dad had the video camera. So I got to borrow it and we would all film each other. I think after I saw "Feedback" is when I got really interested.

C: Apprenticeships, formal training, or just get dirty and learn as you go?
K: I worked at Visalia Skatecamp as their first video intern. It was a rad idea/opportunity that the camp director, Dave Metty, came up with. Its still going to this day. It was a really cool learning experience and opened a lot of doors for me.

C: I met you shooting with Karl Watson for LRG, that's legit. How do you hook up gigs like that?
K: I edited LRG's video "Give Me My Money Chico". They were still interested in working with me when that was done so I started by shooting the photos for the "stop motion start skating" ads.

Give Me My Money Chico | Jack Curtin from LRG on Vimeo.

C: Are you traveling much to get material or covering events?
K: Not too much at the moment. It was the end of the year so travel budgets are usually thin. I went down to LA a few times. Once to film the LRG United Nations for the berrics, and another time to film a demo and shoot with Tom Asta.

C: What is one of the the things that gets you most hyped on a shoot?
K: I guess when everything works out. Quickly and painlessly. Cool spots and cool light as well.

C: Biggest bummer when you are out shooting?
K: That random person that walks by and says "you're not allowed to do that, I'm calling the police"

Brian Anderson Double Rock from Kyle Camarillo on Vimeo.

C: How about a brief run down of your equipment.

K: Nikon d300, hvx200a, and Canon 60d...the vx1000 is beginning to collect dust...

Visual Disorder from Kyle Camarillo on Vimeo.

C: I had a chance to see you on the "One in a million" series on Slap, your photos were dope. How was it working on that project?
K: It was fun. Although it was hard to set up for stills quickly enough, those dudes were hungry. But it was a cool two days. Some rad dudes for sure.

C: Be sure to keep you eye out for Kyle's work all over the place but here for sure and now that you know who he is it's very likely that you will see him all over the place.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

WLLM Art Show

Chris and I have been working hard on the e&b stuff lately cuz weather has been uber crap. Nothing better to do that tackle some business that has been put off way too long. After working all day yesterday we took a break in the evening and smashed out to Santa Rosa to the new White Label Ltd warehouse to be part of the first art event there. Stuart had put together a sweet line up of celebrity couple illustrations for viewing and purchase. A bunch of the homies came out and Drew showcased his video work and everybody had a good old time. Look forward to more events like these. Keep an eye on the WLLM site for all kinds of dope stuff skate and art related.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekdays With The Homies

Any day can be a good day to get out with friends to skate and take photos. This past Thursday Steven, Kevin, Noah, and myself got to go out on a super nice spring day. We hit a few spots and managed to get some sweet photos. Sessions with these guys are always the best. Ninja was in the mood to handle some business and got down on a spot I have been wanting to get a shot at for a while. The rail jump got me super hyped! Thanks to good weather, the bay area, and friends!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brad And Boardertown

This is a short and sweet one. Weather has been killer and yesterday I had a chance to get out with Noah to snap the header photo. Later we got a call from Pile Style head man Andrew Braswell letting us know he and some of the homies would be shredding Boardertown. Brad always puts it down and this day was no exception. Two hitters on the big wall.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ricki Bedenbaugh Spotlight

A videographer from down south that brought us the TRIO series from Element has been gracious enough to be on the blog and share a bit of info on his intro into the life he has chose. I have to say when I first saw th the Chad Tim Tim part I got super hyped and knew one day I would hit him up and see if he would be down to be here, and shablam here he is. So with out much more ho ha here it is the Ricki B interview complete with clips. If for some crazy reason you have not seen this footage here it is along with a few choice clips that he has put together. Keep an eye on his Vimeo page to see whats crackin with a man who knows the deal.


C: Name, age, occupation, location?
R: Ricki Bedenbaugh AKA "The Dude", or just plain "Dude"
38. Damn am I that old. Can I lie and just say 25?
Element Filmer/Editor
Long Beach, California

"TRIO" CHAD TIM TIM (PART 1 OF 3) from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

C: About how long have you been doing videography?
R: Started in 1995 so 16 years

C: How did this line of work come about for you?
R: Got sick of working a 9 to 5 in Florida. Moved out to California, stayed with Kris Markovich and his family. Filmed with Kris every single day and with the help from him and his family a lot of doors opened up. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for him and his family. There's no way I could ever thank them enough.

C: It looks like you do a lot of work for Element, are you a go to guy for that team?
R: Yeah, you could say that. After 411VM went out of business, Element hit me up and ask if I were interested in working for them. 3 years later, still at Element. Filming with all the guys on Element is like filming with my best friends. I love those dudes.

"TRIO" LEVI BROWN (PART 2 OF 3) from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

C: Do you have formal training or just getting out there and figuring it out?
R: Nope. No training, I basically came out to California and picked up a camera and started filming. I got into editing through a job I got for a local TV show in San Diego called S.T.V. (Skate, Surf, Snow Television). It was ran by Benji Weatherly (professional surfer) parents. I met them at a party they had for Benji. I got really drunk and did a little freestyle for Benji while Blink 182 played. His mom asked me what I was doing there, so I told her I was looking for a job as a skateboarding filmmaker. She told me about their TV show and said they needed someone to do the skateboarding section. 2 weeks later I was working for STV with no editing experience and hardly any filming experience. I just learned along the way.

C: The TRIO project was so dope. When I first saw Chad Tim Tim's part I got hyped. Love all those intros. About how long to get something like that done from start to finish?
R: Chad's intro took about 2 days from start to finish. Filming and editing. We both had everything written out. So we knew what we wanted his intro to be like

"TRIO" DARRELL STANTON (PART 3 OF 3) from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

R: Levi's took a bit longer, just to get all the different shots of him with a map in different locations. I carried that damn map around with me everywhere we went for a couple of months. If I saw something I liked we would shoot a map shot. Editing probably took a few days.

R: Darrell's took about a week. I'd shoot at his house in the morning and skate in the afternoon. Then I would bring home the footage lay it out, and notice shots I should of got. So the next day I'd go back to his house to get the shots. Luckily all the guys lived with in 2 miles of my house.

Darrell Stanton "TRIO" Trailer from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

Once you get all the clips in order it usually doesn't take that long to put the puzzle together.

C: What kinds of things do you enjoy doing when not filming or editing?
R: Man honestly, filming/editing takes up so much of my time. A lot of times I just want to hang out with my girl and do nothing.
I have a couple Triumph Motorcycles, I'm restoring 1 of them so whenever I have free time I try to work on it. Photography too, its a hobby of mine that I've always loved.


C: Are most of the skaters you work with ok with taking time to set up for sweet angles, you know with sliders, tripods, ect?
R: I'm the King of asking dudes to do things "1 more time" so setting up isn't what bothers them, it's getting them to do things twice is what bugs them.

C: Who inspires you to keep doing what you do?
R: The skaters and all the guys that have been doing it as long as I have. Ty Evans, Chris Ray and Jon Holland at TWS, French Fred, Dan Wolfe, Greg Hunt, Kirk Dianda, man there are so many guys that are so good at what they do. Guys like Ty and Spike, pretty much anything they do is going to be brilliant. Collin Kennedy, he's always been one of my favorites.

C: Any thing on the horizon we should keep an eye out for?
R: I'm working on a AM Video for Element right now. We've been filming for about 6 months, it should be out by June, but we all know how skate videos deadlines are.

Quattro's 2nd Angle Totally Slow Motion High Definition edit. from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

C: Any advice you might give to filmmakers out there?
R: I moved out to California with a High School education and no experience in filming or editing. I knew I didn't want to go back to Florida and work in some warehouse again. If you want something bad enough you'll work your ass off to get it. Hell, if I can do this for over 15 years anybody can.

C: Thanks so much for your time, and for answering my questions. Any shout outs before we sign off?
R: Man this list could go on forever, basically everyone that has helped me out with advice, filming, editing, money, and life in general.
Especially Kris Markovich and his loving Family.