Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kyle Camarillo Spotlight

I can remember meeting Kyle on an early fall morning at the Richmond skate plaza. I had shown up to meet with some homies and go and shoot some photos, Richmond was a good location that was convenient and warm up there is always fun. Kyle was working with Karl Watson on a project that we will touch on in the interview. I approached him and wasn't sure how it would go but I'm the type to just get in there and hope to meet another photographer that is good people and what do you know Kyle was one of those guys. Time passed and it wasn't till One In A Million that it hit me, hey I should do an interview with Kyle. Here we are. Kyle works both as a photographer and videographer and he is good at both. So take a few and check out how Kyle Camarillo gets stuff done.


C: Name, age, occupation, location
K: Kyle Camarillo, 26, videographer/photographer, San Francisco

C: How long have you been shooting skating?
K: For fun with the homies since 1997, professionally since around 2001.

C: Do you remember how and or what got you into shooting skating?
K: Just fun. Really it was just cause I was the one who's dad had the video camera. So I got to borrow it and we would all film each other. I think after I saw "Feedback" is when I got really interested.

C: Apprenticeships, formal training, or just get dirty and learn as you go?
K: I worked at Visalia Skatecamp as their first video intern. It was a rad idea/opportunity that the camp director, Dave Metty, came up with. Its still going to this day. It was a really cool learning experience and opened a lot of doors for me.

C: I met you shooting with Karl Watson for LRG, that's legit. How do you hook up gigs like that?
K: I edited LRG's video "Give Me My Money Chico". They were still interested in working with me when that was done so I started by shooting the photos for the "stop motion start skating" ads.

Give Me My Money Chico | Jack Curtin from LRG on Vimeo.

C: Are you traveling much to get material or covering events?
K: Not too much at the moment. It was the end of the year so travel budgets are usually thin. I went down to LA a few times. Once to film the LRG United Nations for the berrics, and another time to film a demo and shoot with Tom Asta.

C: What is one of the the things that gets you most hyped on a shoot?
K: I guess when everything works out. Quickly and painlessly. Cool spots and cool light as well.

C: Biggest bummer when you are out shooting?
K: That random person that walks by and says "you're not allowed to do that, I'm calling the police"

Brian Anderson Double Rock from Kyle Camarillo on Vimeo.

C: How about a brief run down of your equipment.

K: Nikon d300, hvx200a, and Canon 60d...the vx1000 is beginning to collect dust...

Visual Disorder from Kyle Camarillo on Vimeo.

C: I had a chance to see you on the "One in a million" series on Slap, your photos were dope. How was it working on that project?
K: It was fun. Although it was hard to set up for stills quickly enough, those dudes were hungry. But it was a cool two days. Some rad dudes for sure.

C: Be sure to keep you eye out for Kyle's work all over the place but here for sure and now that you know who he is it's very likely that you will see him all over the place.

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