Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spot Quest

I don't know if folks are familiar with a spot called Sneath Lane in Daily City. This is a spot I have seen in alot of shots and it looks super sweet. Its kind of a diy tranny up a chest high wall in a large drainage ditch. Most memorable shot for me is Dan Drehobl working a hurricane on this bad boy. Anyway I recently got the skinny on how to get out to this place. This wall is gnarly!! I rolled with Noah and some other cats with the idea of skating and shooting this spot but bricks had been fixed all over the ground and to be honest none of us had the skills to throw down any thing shot worthy. My curiosity had been satisfied and now I know how to get over there if we wanna go back and give it another go. Yadda yadda we did some skating kind of all over the city that day as well and I managed to grab a few cool shots. Happy holidays to all out there, be safe and I will try and sneek a few more posts before the year is out.


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