Monday, November 9, 2009

Southern Hospitality

OK, ok so I'm coming hot off a road trip with the Add A Trick crew. This past weekend myself, Jason, Mustafa, Ron, Quinn, Sean, Phil, and Mitchel all smashed down to the L.A. and San Diego area. The mission was to hook up with some amateur skaters and get some interviews done for web site content.

Ron Allen was the lynch pin of the operation, this fool has mad connections and we hit up all kinds of folks. The first day we hooked up with De Ville Nunes the team manager for Powell. We had a chance to drop an interview with him and talk with some of the flow riders who were rolling with him that day. After that, off to hook up with Tony Magnusson, and David Cole at Carmel Valley park. More interviews and watching a crew of guys stomp that park, sooo sweet. That night got a hotel room and chilled with the crew.

Just a quick thing to insert at this point...this trip for me was monumental. I have loved skating since I started in jr high and it has always been part of my life, and to be able to do what I did this weekend is killer. Moving along... the next day we made our way over to Kelly Hart's place to meet with him and some other riders who were coming over to his place as well as a bunch of ams just chillin there anyway. We were able to get a slew of interviews there and just kinda kicked it and got pizza and beer. That took up most of our afternoon.

We had one other stop on our way north, but first we had to hit a quick spot in Diego right on the beach and get a touch of shredding done and some crew shots. This was needed and got everybody motivated to hit Theo Hand's place on our way out. Theo is the first guy I met on this little excursion and all I can say is he is a gem of a guy. Super nice and very generous/hospitable. Theo is relevant to this mission cuz he skates and is a photographer and all around skateguy. He is in the middle of producing a show, works with the guys at Laced, and knows all kinds of skate folks. If you have a chance go to and check out this project, it looks tight. Phewww, after that interview and some Foosball it was time to smash back to the bay. Big thanks to the crew from Add A Trick and all the people who made this a great trip.


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