Saturday, August 8, 2009


"Who's van is that?"

Quote from one of the guys when I pulled up to the skatepark with my mother in laws Econoline 350. The plan was to pack up crew and troop over to Vallejo to skate the park and rip 2 schools right in the same neck of the woods. The team consisted of Noah, Dukie, Avery, Donavon, Sean, Luca, and David. The drive was cake...carpool, you know. It was pretty classic when we got on site I heard a kid say "I think these guys ride for LRG." When you roll deep and everybodys board is plastered with LRG stickers folks would think that. Warm up started at the park then we put in work on the schools. We met up with Joe, and Paz and got footie and I caught some stills and sequences with the nikon. On the return trip Noah asked to peep my ipod and proceeded to bump Micheal Jackson dont stop till you get enough, thriller, and everyone's fave PYT. It was hilarious. Good times.


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