Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ben Kilpatrick interview

The following is a short interview I conducted with fellow photographer Ben Kilpatrick. I originally found Ben on flickr and have always been super inspired by him. His work and attitude make him a jem of a guy. One day I hope to meet Ben face to face but for now keeping contact through the net is gonna have to work. Please enjoy his photos and insight, I know I do.


C: How long has skating been part of your scene?

B: I have been skating since 7th since 2000. I
skated a lot from 2000 to about 2006, and then kind of faded
out for a little while.. I started doing concrete work after
high school, and I was just so tired every day after work,
that I just basically worked and slept. But thankfully once
that was all over I slowly started skating again in late
2007 or so. Now I'm skating almost everyday. I couldn't be
happier honestly.

C: Whats the ratio of skating photos to non on any given week?

B: Ratio hmmmm.... I've been shooting skating a ton lately. I
want to say about 90% skateboarding, unless a photo job
comes a long. Need to start doing some marketing. haha. I
have noticed that I don't play around with my camera very
much outside of skateboarding and photo jobs. I have been
shooting film a good amount lately though instead and I love
it, I just love getting the prints back after a week or so
of taking them. It's like a present. haha

C: Your strobe work is the s#*t was this a trial and error process or did you have mentoring?

B: Thanks man. I really do appreciate that, makes me feel
confident in my work. A lot of it was reading. The internet
has a retarded amount of information on it. Big ups to Steve
Laclair at and all the guys on the forum
that are willing to share their information. That site
helped me out a ton. Trial and error did add to the equation
for sure though.

This is the way I set up my strobes:

1. Find the angle
2. Meter for the ambient, and decrease the aperture a stop
or two.
3. Place the main flash to light up the spot and the skater
from the front. ( I always set up one flash at a time )
4. Place my second flash for the rim light. Usually a
higher output then the main light.
5. Check and make sure everything looks good.
6. Click Click.

C: Fave place to travel and take photos skating or otherwise?

B: Anywhere but Tallahassee. haha. Traveling I can never do
enough of. I wish I had more money to do it more often... I
went to Hawaii for 2 weeks during christmas and it was
amazing, NY was unreal, Ireland too. All those places are
soo nice, scenery wise. I wish I was shooting skateboarding
at those places though. But recently my homies and I have
been traveling here and there. Went to Atlanta for 4 days
the other week, and Jville not to long ago either. Had a
blast. It's just so nice to shoot skateboarding somewhere
else. New spots are the best!

C: Anybody out there who provides inspiration to keep going out and doing what you do?

B: The most inspiring person I know would have to be my mom.
She has been a huge influence on my life. She is an
entrepreneur herself... She started a bakery here in town a
couple years back that is blowing up. Cheesecake, cookies,
breads, brownies, all that tasty goodness. Check it out. Watching her grow is amazing, and
she sees me slowly developing my business, and my life. I
just see that she is happy with what I'm doing, and it makes
me happy. We feed off each other and our thoughts on things.
It's the best . Couldn't ask for more.

C: Last words before we wrap this up?

B: I just want to say thanks to you Christian for putting this
together. So big ups to you and what your doing. You know
I've been a fan of your work for quite awhile. Shout outs to
the homies. Steve, Jerry, Timmy, Josh, Rob, Morgan and all
you others. Without you guys I wouldn't have anyone to take
photos of. haha. Shout out to Phaze One!


  1. thanks for posting the interview. i love all of ben's stuff and i'm glad to see him getting exposure. his photography and skating are both sick

  2. it was fun and im into getting poeple out there. thanks for viewing.