Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick Sesh

I don't know if somebody said it...but being a stay at home dad is raw. Which brings me to my current post. After a "day" with my kids I gave the wife a tired look and asked if I could get out for a bit. She asked what I was going to be up to and I said work. Pssssst work for me is taking photos or working on photo related stuff. So off to the skate park I go, you know to take photos. When I get to the park I see David and we cook an idea to pack up a couple of guys and hit some spots. Dukie, Jonathon, Jorge, and David pile into the Volvo and we go to king rail, peace wall, and a 7 stair on Berkeley high campus. At the 7 stair it was a kickflip fest and once again Dukie would not be denied, oh and Mosiah called for redemption and killed it. It was pretty sweet and yielded a couple of shots that feel proper. To be honest if on an outing I get one shot that feels solid I'm happy. This photographing skating is tough but crazy fun!


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