Sunday, August 9, 2009


Location: OSH
Time: eve
Objective: Mosiah kickflip the loading dock rail

Well 2 outa 3 aint bad. And Mosiah that's not a dis. So this outing entailed an evening shoot at OSH in berkeley. I had seen this location on Mosiah's facebook and wanted to get some strobes set up and shoot. Kevin, Dukie, Donovan, Mosiah, Tobias, Miles, Luigi, and Jafin were on deck. There was a short warm up session then we went across the lot to the rail. Luigi and I got set up and started shooting. Another reason to bust this shoot was to let Luigi get some exposure to the working of the strobes. The stunna was Miles getting a super clean kickflip over the rail just as security was ousting the crew. Skating and shooting were not done yet. We headed over to Willard then to a 8 stair rail right across the street. Dukie will not be stopped! He sized up the rail and kept at it till he pulled it off, this kid is determened. Shooting that late is rough and I learned you need portable intense lights. Live and learn. Enjoy these shots and stay tuned for more from "stick it."


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