Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Noah Scott spotlight

The following is a picture package along with a short interview with Noah Scott. To be honest I have known Noah for only a short time, but he seems like a solid person with a great style and a genuine appreciation for the folks around him. As far as his skating goes he is a monster. Big pop and steez to spare. Peep it and decide for yourself. I'm out.


C: Name and occupation?

N: Noah Murillo-Scott, yeah it's weird. Skate camp dude/ skate park dude, Berkeley

C: About how long have you been riding?

N: Close to like 10 years I guess, give or take. Injuries and s*#t

C: Is this your first year working at the park?

N: Nah, I've been working there for about 3 years now

C: I heard you say the other day that you used to ride with Joe and Sean
alot. When and why did that kinda stop?

N: Whoa, you got some heavy hittin' questions here, haha. Well this dude Allen used to live out here and we would all just go skate and he had this canon gl2 which is just like the canon version of the vx I guess, and he would just film us sometimes. So we were just getting tricks and getting hyped off each other, but then he moved to Stockton. I guess he was just having some trouble with his housing situation so he had to peace. But whatever, its cool, Sean, Joe, and I still skate together. Just probably not as much as we would be had Allen stayed out here.

C: I know you told me but gimme a little run down on what brought you out
to the west coast and how it went down.

N: Well I've always lived on the west coast, i just grew up in socal on this little spec of a town called Avalon on a tiny little spec of an island called Catalina. Its a square mile town of bars and nothing that's only poppin in the summer, and its catered more towards tourists than the actual islanders so in the winter the town is totally shut down, ghost-town status. People are kinda old fashioned as well and the cops are all douche bag rent-a-cops from LA. I mean its like beautiful and everything. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're going there for a week you'll have a f*#king blast, but growing up there is a whole different story. I mean $60 round trip boat tickets??? Your pretty much trapped unless you're rich.

C: Can you gimmie 3 things that get you psyched to ride?

N: A good video part, new spots, chicks

C: You and your girlfriend are tight..does she back you up on skating alot?

N: Yeah for the most part as long as I get my half of the rent

C: When your not riding what do you tend to do with your time?

N: Wish I had Michael Jordan's flying abilities

C: How do you feel about contests?

N: Eh jams are cool

C: Do you think this plays a big role in getting sponsored?

N: Sure, getting your face out there and being seen is never a bad thing, right?

C: Dream sponsors.

N: Hot wheels, red bull, boost mobile and club med

C: Anything you wanna get out there before we wrap this up?

N: Poop, but I'll wait till after

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