Saturday, August 15, 2009

All over the place

Man...this edition takes us well you know. The original plan was to get over to Benecia to the new x park, I kinda hate saying that. X park sounds all goofy, but that's whats its called so eh. Anyway got to the meeting place with the van and the original crew had gotten all jumbled and it looked like I drove that big ass van to haul Dukie and Jonathen around. After chillin for a minuite it came together though. The next bridge to cross was where to go...which was also set up initially but once the crew fell apart it was tough to keep every thing on track. Bottom line first destination town park in down town Oakland. Pretty cool spot but kinda ghetto, I had never been and so it was good to go and peep it out. Steezy had kickflips over the barrier dialed and Donovan stomped a big kickflip on the pyramid. Jonathen and Luca bridged the gap between the half pipe and the quarter pipe, tight. We then packed up and headed to the Walnut creek park. This park has very little square footage and even the local kids were hooriding it. Jon mashed on the 7 stair and both Dukie and Jon did a pretty intimidating rail. Oh and Steezy broke his board, wack! Last up was ugh...x park. Super cutty in deep Benecia, but this park is dope. All kinds of cool stuff in a big area. The mission on the whole pretty tight just a little taxing due to the meandering nature of it, but more time skating and shooting which makes every thing else no problemo. Shots to follow.


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