Monday, August 24, 2009

Ryan Hunter Interview

Fellow photographer I have had my eye on at flickr. Ryan has a pretty keen eye for the skate snaps and executes well. I hit him up and tossed the idea of a short question and answer along with a gallery of shots, he was down and what follows is that effort. Please enjoy and look him up on flickr to follow a rising star who loves the life.


C: So Cerritos huh, whats the skating scene like there?

R: It's nothing special to be honest. But Whittier, Long
Beach, Fullerton and Huntington beach are no more then 10
minutes in any direction from me so that makes filming
opportunities great.

C: I saw on your blog you got your first "art" show up, are
you juiced?

R: Yee it was tight just shot some portraits so it was a good
experience. I mean I've been shooting for less then a year
so I'm really thankful I got that opportunity.

C: How long have you been shooting skating?

R: 8 months!!!

C: I assume you skate too, is this true?

R: Yee I gets busy on my Shred Sled haha!

C: What drives you to keep shooting?

R: I just love skateboarding. And I get see hammers go down
before videos come out so its kinda like a backstage pass

C: Do you have a guy in your crew that you like to shoot the

R: Matt Macehera, Mikey Leon and Joey Con.

C: Any shout outs or thoughts as we close this up?

R: All the good homies!
Fluent Skateboards
Furnace skate shop
And you for letting me get up on yo blog thx man!

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