Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raise Hell

Where to start...well this is an event that has been happening for a bit. This was the fourth party of this type and although I am a new comer to "The Ranch" I have heard its a crazy one. I received an invite from Ladonna and deciced it was definitely something I had to attend.

My plan was to pick up Chris Jatoft aka "rat face" and get out to the country and see what was crackin'. Picked up the homie and smashed out and quickly be came oriented to a raise hell event. On the premises there was a beer vendor, a tattoo artist, and band that was prepped to play, and a gang of fools. The order of the day was a chill session, leading to a full blown contest on a jam format and a bunch of endless other activities.

Contest went down and if Brad McClain is in the house you better bet he wins. Other folks ripped and to get a full break down of the stats go to the ranch facebook page and I'm sure you will know who won what.

Bottom line killer stuff and a gob of fun! Oh and this post is also dedicated to Rob and the folks over at Lowcard. The black and white was a bit of inspiration that has needed a moment to come through and I figured this was the one. Props to all the kids over at the ranch and the folks at Lowcard for giving the people out there killing it a place to be seen!! One love.


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  1. Christian...thanks again for coming out! Sick photos!!!!!!!!!