Sunday, June 6, 2010

Man Am

Shindig, party, event call it what you want all I can say is a down right kick ass time! The folks over at your favorite Livermore spot, Six Twentyone, cooked up one hell of and idea and served it up pipng hot! The basic jist is a competition set up to give the bros out there killing it the time and attention they deserve. Oh and also have an excuse to have a rager complete with strippers, bands, tattoo booth, hard alcohol, beer, and food. Sponsors included Skidmark Skatemag, Jim Beam, Santa Cruz, and Krux. Of course the Pile style crew rolled out Andrew was on the mic calling the shots, and keeping eyes on the strippers. Bruce was there with a collection of the VS folks and they were holding it down. Tadashi was having such a good time he became partially undressed for most of the event. The bottom line was good times and friends, some newer than others, all getting together and getting it done. Thanks to all the people who made this first of hopefully many "Man AM" events so much frickin fun!


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