Monday, June 28, 2010

Death Match 2

When I hear it in my head its kinda in a demonic style voice...if you know what I mean. Death Match was frickin awesome. Our great hosts at 621 really did a killer job getting the ramp and the shop all done up for this event. Ramp got a sweet extension and the shop got some sick graffiti work done up by some local artist. Shot calling was handled by Andy B and Ron Allen, killer combo. Sponsors were thick for this little party, folks like the mighty VS, Spitfire, Antihero, Thrasher, ASF dist, and Lowcard. Musical entertainment locked up by Drunken Starfighter, and Regulator. Of course the skating was off the hook. That new portion of the ramp got a through working, and it definitely took the session to another level. I actually found myself hopping up and down on the deck and going "Ohhhhh damnnn!" many times. Winners were 1st Brad McClain, 2nd Ratface, 3rd Ryan Carpenter. Another note worthy goings on was the release of the new Skidmark magazine...icing on the cake. Great work Mike O!! Good friends, great time. Thanks to everybody!!


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  1. We were there! Dressed up like bikers, with bikes and everything! LOL. 621 really does hold reat events