Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On Assignment

This is a first. In my brief tenure as a skateboarding photographer I have been fortunate enough to have a ton of opportunity's to work in a variety of ways with either organizations or events to provide coverage. The aspiration has always been to cover anything but a high hope was to get into covering an individual and shoot images to couple with an interview or spotlight in a publication. My main man Mike gave me this opportunity at the tail end of the Memorial Day weekend. His mag Skidmark will be using some shots of mine to go along with an up coming interview of a pro rider. The whole session that day was super fun and it took us all over the southern part of the Bay Area. As a bonus I had a chance to meet some new folks from the Small Beating team and grab some pics of these people as well. Bottom line I'm juiced to have had this chance and I hope it means more of this type of work will get next to me. Thanks Mike and all who participated that day. Keep you eyes peeled for the next Skidmark skate zine to peep the whole 9.


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  1. So stoked to see all the shots of and taken by my family. Bravo pimp. Keep your pimphand strong. 621 all damn day!!!