Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just tooted my own horn. I have always tried to be a person who has a high regard for what the people around me are getting done, and not be self absorbed. I desperately hope this post does not come off as all "look at me." That said, I am pretty juiced on the fact that I have been shooting skating a relatively short time and have managed to land some print. THRASHER mags photograffiti is a range of work and submissions must be a ton so two consecutive mags (Dec 09 and Jan 10) feels pretty good. Also a "go get it" mentality got me in LOWCARD issue 31. Big thanks to Jay Marsh. My whole philosophy toward shooting skating is stick with it, continue to look and learn, and do it cuz I love it.


LOWCARD issue 31

Dec 09, upper right corner.

Jan 10, upper right corner.

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