Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Folks along the way

As weather pounds the shell of the cozy crib, and getting out to generate new material is rough, time to dive into the archives. Snorkel, check, mask, check, fins, check, trunks, check. Lets get to it!

This post is dedicated to folks I shoot on the regs, and people I have met along the road. These are a hand full of portraits which are essentials in the capture and depiction of what are normally bodies in motion. Skating is primarily about motion and alot of it, so its worth taking a bit of time to slow down and look around oneself and see who helps to make up a whirl wind which is a skating life. Thanks, and enjoy.


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  1. yyyeeee NEW MONEY!!!!

    I love the photos youve posted here!!


    you are more than welcome to use the pics from our movie shoot also. if there is some you want to use?


    have a great day bro