Friday, January 15, 2010

Allen, Turnbull, and Jones

Had to get out and get it done today. Kinda workin' off "bad brain juice" this am, a little too much PBR lately and some stressful stuff made me feel like a good skate and shooting would help the soul and the body. Went to Berkeley to hook up with Ron Allen and try to smash out some shots. Skated for a bit and Trent, and Major showed up. Had room in the car and said they could come if they wanted. They were down to get over to the port and check it out. Got some day time shots of the rail in the previous post then packed up and got over to a bank spot in Oakland. Had a nice little session there shot some long lens, the fisheye is addicting! Had plans to stay out but needed to get home to pull some weight as a dad. Man, to get to do what I do is a blessing, and I hope I never take it for granted. Photos and skating for life!!


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