Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ryan Lusteg Interview

I stumbled across Ryan on Flickr. As my skating photography spills into the obsession category I am always on the look out for folks to look to for inspiration. Ryan's Flickr is a bounty of that, inspiration I mean, and I have to say because Ryan is a well published photographer I'm stoked to have him with us on the blog. I hope one day to go south and make a meeting with Mr. Lusteg. I feel it would be very worth while. The following is a quick question and answer session and gallery of photos from Ryan. Please take a moment and read and look, then follow a person who in my opinion deserves attention.


C: Name, Location, age, and profession.
R: Ryan Paul Lusteg. San Diego, CA. 28. Currently working as the studio photographer at Black Box Distribution.

C: How long have you lived in San Diego?
R: I have been in & around San Diego all my life. For the most part it has been in northern San Diego county. Although a move is on the horizon to move closer to the city sooner than later.

C: I visited SD recently, man what a great place to be to shoot skaters. Have you ever wanted to be based anywhere else?
R: I've toyed around with the idea of moving to LA but I feel it just might be a better place to visit as opposed to living there. When it comes down to it SD is home. All of my immediate family & friends are here so what's not to like about that?!

C: Your photography is super tight. All self taught, school, internships, whats the story?
R: Thank you! It's definitely a combination of the three. I feel the more your out there doing it, the better & more on point your photos are going to be. Bottom line.

C: Your Flickr is chalked full of printed work from all kinds of publications. How do you manage your schedule. I also assume you are freelance.
R: Haha, I must look super busy huh? Really though all that editorial & advertising work has been accumulated over a decent amount of time & I thought it'd be cool to be able to display it for once since I don't have a website at the moment. For the most part all that stuff has been on my own time or Black Box's time as I used to help out quite a bit shooting their riders.

C: Lots of travel?
R: I have been on a few trips with Black Box dudes here & there which were pretty rad. The most recent of which is supposedly going to be an article in The Skateboard Mag within the next few issues so hopefully that works out. (I'm just going off what i have been told at this point)

C: Could you share a fave and least fave thing about doing a shoot?
R: Least favorite thing is probably people who lag, shitty weather, security, police, knobs, kinks, & skate stoppers. Basically anything that keeps me from getting the shot I want. Fuck off. Favorite things would have to consist of shooting with friends, ideal light, & awesome photos & subjects.

C: Any favorite riders to work with?
R: Chris Troy, Alex Schmidt, & Jordan Taylor. I personally feel it's always better and more fun when your out with your friends.

C: Do you shoot film or digital or both?
R: I shoot primarily digital when it comes to skating. I still shoot film as well, I'm just more particular now when I shoot it.

C: Any advice to aspiring photographers out there?
R: Keep shooting, be persistent, ask questions, & have fun doing it. At least that has been my method of working.

C: Do you have a most favorite piece of photography equipment you work with...something you could not do with out?
R: My D300 solely because it's my workhorse, otherwise I still love to use my FM2N. There is just something so uncompromising to shooting film.

C: Thanks a ton for such a positive response to the idea of being on the blog and answering my questions. Any shout outs or things to expect from Ryan Lusteg as we wrap this up?
R: Not a problem, it's been a pleasure doing so & I'm flattered you choose to do a little interview on me. As far as shout outs go all I wanna do is thank my friends & family because without them I am nothing.

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