Monday, October 19, 2009

That City Across The Bay

I normally am not a fan of going to SF. I know its crazy but its so busy and I feel like Oakland offers similar terrain but is closer to home. Well I think yesterday was a turning point for me and the "City". Picked up Josh and decided to give Noah a call and see if he was down to come with, and he was. We stopped by DLX and got Noah some new thane then headed to some blocks under the overpass. We proceeded to a few other spots. Civic Center, a rail off Mission, and some ledges near a Best Buy off Mission. Got the boot at almost all the spots pretty quick but on the whole it was a successful trip. Two funny bits to Civic Center a hobo sleeping in the park took a swipe at Noah cuz we were making too much noise skating the gap. Also as a security guard was booting us from the rail spot I asked if there was a place to get coffee near by and he said" Nah I'm good I just had some". are kicking us out and you think I'm offering to get you coffee? Those crazy city folks.


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