Thursday, October 1, 2009

Add A Trick

It feels like the photography thing is getting ready to bubble. I am not gonna get to ahead of myself but I have had a few things come together lately...and I'm going to share one of these things now and as others firm up they will get some space here. So the "thing" in question is a director of photography position with a web site targeting amateur skaters who are trying to get out there and get some exposure. Ron Allen of Osiris, Creation and Satori skates at the Berkeley park and we have talked about how I am trying to break into the skate photography arena. One day the conversation moved that way and he said he would talk to some of the producers and creative guys and show them some of my work. Apparently the guys were into what I had to show and the next thing you know I'm shooting some production stuff going on at a few locations around the Berkeley area. I'm super juiced to say the least. Stay tuned for premier and hopefully yours truly will be playing a part in what feels like a killer project.


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