Friday, September 4, 2009

Hip session

So I'm gonna get back to the reason I started this blog in the first place. Last night I got the green light to go and skate , and hey I think I need to make something clear at this wife rocks and skating and photography are made possible cuz she wanted me to pursue a dream. So when I say I got the green light its not like she keeps me on a tight leash or anything like that, its the right thing to ask, and not assume. That was some free relationship So with skating and shooting in mind and darkness approaching the logical choice is the park which is lit up at night. Got there and did a bit of skating, I found a new line for me that puts me in the big wall frontside and I had so much fun. Noah was workin at the park and started to throw down on this hip and I informed him I had my gear with me and if he wanted I could score some shots. He did so I did..and having the gear set up always creates a session, good times and pretty productive shooting. Oh and gonna sign off with the idea I got the 14mm 3.5 today and I'm so juiced to put it through some motions, oh boy oh boy. Till next time.


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