Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Courthouse 10 & Hydrant

Watching Sean and Noah skate last night helped me to remember one of the key components of a true skateboarder. That component is sheer dedication. So the mission involved picking up Noah and then hooking up with Sean and a couple of his friends. We met downtown and did a little flatland warm up then Sean was hot to get over to the courthouse 10 and get busy with a front big spin. The courthouse 10 is a pretty gnarly set and this brings me to the original statement in this blog post. Sean tossed himself down this set so many times and came crazy close to sticking the trick but fu*#ed up his hand and foot before having to throw in the towel. It was raw, he will go back and kill it soon. Noah flexed his metal at the hydrant spot that was next, just keeping at it until tricks are got. Big hop and backside 180, and not only was the gap big but you know the hydrant was up in there. To wrap it up all I can say is I'm proud to be able to roll with these guys and take photos of them. For the love of the lifestyle!


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