Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Wall/Cheese Grater Demo

I'm definitely breaking new ground on this one. A local shop 510 skateboards put on a "jam" at the Harrison park last night. After finishing up a portrait session for a local business person I grabbed my gear and trooped over to the park. The jam was to be focused on the 9ft wall and a large hip dubbed the "cheese grater". Best tricks were rewarded with decks and shoes. It was a cool experience and I have never done a demo before so it was good experience. I feel like the hectic nature of shooting this type of skating gave my shots something they have not had before. Probably another gain from getting this under my belt is more exposure. As I try to break into this area with my photography I recon the more I'm seen doing it the more folks will know I'm the guy to go to if they need photo work done. Only time will tell. Keep on keepin on.


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