Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rob Collins Interview

Out hunting for the next interview on flickr. Looking with a sharp eye and being patient...what's that over there? Keep an eye on this one, ok now's my chance! "Click, Bang". Got em'. Young buck Rob Collins is the next victim on the blog. I stand next to my trophy with a satisfied grin on my face...ah the thrill of the hunt.


C: Name, age, location, occupation
R: Rob Collins, 16, Longmeadow Mass, Graphic - Website designer and Skateboard photographer.

C: How long have you been shooting skaters?
R: About 2 1/2 years

C: I see you work with some folks and have some published work. How did those connections come about?
R: I've had a few published photos in the past and I'm working on some more. Bill Tomlin from Topic East Coast mag has helped me out a lot. I look forward to continue working with Bill on Topic East Coast. Big ups to Bill!

C: Formal training or pick it up and get it on?
R: Pick it up and get it on!!

C: Any folks/photographers provide inspiration out there?
R: Yes, Hendrik Herzmann's work is really sick. also Arron Smith is amazing.

C: When your not shooting skating what is your fave thing to shoot?
R: People and Places

C: Are you traveling much to get content?
R: I try to travel as much as I can to shoot but sometimes it doesn't always work out. But when I do travel I usually come back with a photo I'm hyped on.

C: Best thing about going on a shoot?
R: Seeing my friends having fun and ripping at the same time.

C: Worst thing about going on a shoot?
R: Setting up all my gear just to be kicked out 3 minutes later.

C: A piece of photography equipment you can't live with out?
R: My whole bag haha. I have it on me at all times. But if I had to pick one, it'd be my vivitar 285 HV flashes.

C: Film or digital or both?
R: Digital 100%.

C: Thanks for your time Rob, I really appreciate you fielding my questions. Any shout outs as we finish this up?
R: No thank you Christian. Id like to thank Mom, Dad, Dan & Frank @ Theory, Matt Hood @ Gifted Threads, Bob @ ipath. Nate Greenwood, Nate Plumb, John Santaniello, Brendan O'Connor, Bill Tomlin, Joey D, Stevie Wheeler, Brett Richard, Bill Colburn, Dave Durfey, and everyone from western mass I'm forgetting I couldn't have gotten anywhere without any of you!!

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