Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Augie Johansen Interview

Give it up for gingers!! I have known Augie for about 2 yeas now and I am always impressed with how a dude keeps it down and continues to show skills on the board. A man who has direction and drive. Lets all watch as August kills the scene with out most people notating and when it all goes down folks will say..."Hey I knew that dude!"


C: Name, age, location, occupation

A: Augie Reed Johansen, 15, Albany California, hesher

C: How long have you been putting in work on a shred stick?

A: I have just started my fourth year of shredding

C: Most folks who meet you are shocked at your age...you are good cuz why?

A: Probably because I've been pushin it and never stopped trying hard and always have the need to get something new

C: Skate camp huh? I'm jealous! Gimme your best camp story.

A: Hahahaha well it would probably have to be the time when we were walking into our group's cabin and we saw this crazy looking bug run across the floor and out of pure reaction my friend stomped on it hella hard and squashed it, turns out it was a super poisonous spider and that we were really lucky that he squished it before it got into our sleeping bags

C: You are going again this year what do you hope to get done on this tour?

A: I really just want to have it be my highlight of my summer and just have a great time! Oh yeah and I want to get front blunts.

C: Ok so let me hear the dream sponsor line up.

A: Any Deluxe boards, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Swiss bones, and ADIDAS! they're the best

C: If you had to pick...skating or chickas?

A: Goodness that is a tough question! Ummmmmm I'm gonna have to say skating because there is never drama with skating

C: Gimmie the skinny on being a red head.

A: Being a redhead is my biggest pride! I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. Did you know that only like 5% of people are red head and the amount is shrinking! Best advice for all the haters is enjoy while you can!

C: Your fave place to skate right now?

A: Anywhere and everywhere! It also depends on what kind of mood I'm in whether its heshin the gnar or gettin tech on a ledge, I'm really liking the Emeryville ledge and the Berkeley park will always be the best

C: Any tattoos in the near future?

A: I want to get roll forever on my wrists and at some point I want to get a big silhouette of the golden gate bridge on my back, and I want to get a pool with a skeleton doing a boneless in the deep end. That would be rad!

C: Where do you see your skating in 3 years?

A: I honestly have no idea, I just know that if I'm still skating (which I will be) I've been super content with my life so far, I'll be a senior so I'll still be around here unless something pops off.

C: Word up homie thanks for your time. Any shout outs as we wrap this up?

A: No problem, I just want to say thanks to my mom, Randall, Peter, Ari, and all of the people I skate and hang with, you are the ones that make it enjoyable.


  1. Go Augie! Love Grandpa Spence (who used to be a redhead as well)

  2. Fabulous, Augie, great photos! from another redhead lover, Kieren