Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Asphalt Premier

Had a chance to get to my first premier thanks to Joel and Metro skate shop. The production was great, that whole team rips, and there was this sick "friends of" section that had some local rippers. There was a full house and the metro guys got some product together from Osiris and a host of other company's and raffled it off. On a hilarious note team rider Chris Jatoft actually won a pair of shoes in the raffle. I have to admit if I get to do more of these types of events I need to get better at shooting them, but here is what I managed to grab. If you have a chance definitely get your hands on the video when it drops. Thanks again for the invite Joel.



  1. woo!!!!!! metro is amazing!

  2. i wanted to go so bad but why a Wednesday

  3. that metro premier was awsome trying to represent Metro and Go Chris aka Rat face its your buddy Kris brown