Monday, March 1, 2010

Jam Bam Thank You Ma'am

Packed between TGIF and the return of a work week is a couple of days that can hold huge potential. This past weekend was pretty packed with all kinds of happenings and plenty of opportunity's for photos. First up was a mini ramp jam out at 6 Twentyone. Del was there and provided some rhymes to skate to and tons of folks showed up and watched a ruckus event go down. Ripping was done, Ron Allen did the M.C. services and Bruce Rodela, and Steve Brockway helped judge. Some of the rulers included Brad McClain, Chris Jatoft, Josh Mattson, Ryan Carpenter and Thomas Beeson to name a few. To be honest it felt like the ramp might collapse after that session.
The next event was the Deathwish jam held at Townpark in Oakland. Again a huge load of people turned out and all kinds of heavy hitters were there to be seen. This was a great way to finish up the weekend...sun, skating, and takin' photos.



  1. hell ya christian. go on wit yo bad self

  2. Best weekend of skate fun so far this year! The best part is it is just the start!

  3. Spinwrench didn't organize the Deathwish thing! Jamie Hustle did!

  4. Good call bro. I don,t think I said anything eitherway.