Monday, March 22, 2010

Epic Jam

*Yawn....damn I'm up early. Kinda feels weird getting a bunch of fools up and out at an early mark, but I gotta get on the road cuz the destination is Rocklin at Epic park. This is the first of many jams to come down the pipe this spring/summer and I'm juiced. Epic park is a super nice spot but talk about cutty, and entry fee... um, nobody I know is made of money. Enough of the thorns...the jam was sick, bangers went down and over all watchin' and shooting was the business. The shots I got are the typical contest stuff and I'm juiced to have been there to watch it all go down. Big thanks to all the players involved, Vertical smile, Ikon, 4141, Red bull, Skullcandy, and Del.


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  1. Hell yeah keep up the great work brother!!!!