Monday, September 20, 2010


Release party times 2, totally epic concept for a contest, bands, good friends, and great times. That's my summery of the Poker Run Contest put on by 621, Pile Style, Skidmark, and Vertical Smile. So let me give you a quick run down on the format of the contest. 5 spots with a judge at each spot. Throw your trick and get a card. Collect your cards and build a hand. At the end the player with the best hand wins. This time Adam Emery was holding all aces, and took home the cash. Congrats bro you deserved it. Other things were jumping off as well. My boy's over at Pile Style have been workin hard to get a web presence going and they wanted to party with folks when they got it done. Also Mike O over at Skidmark was handing out fresh copies of the most recent magazine. Life B4 Death put on a sick performance and Bukue 1 and Del closed it out big willie style. I have been horse for 2 days and wont forget that night for a long time. Definately get over to the Snuggleblog to get Bruce's take on things.


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  1. Greatest day ever! Thanks for the amazing photos as always! :)