Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Runs On A DIY Bowl

Last week I got an email from Vertical Smile rider and friend Ryan Carpenter. Recently I had shot Ryan for an upcoming interview in Skidmark Magazine and asked if we could try to lace up some pool action. Enter the email.

R: alright buddy, so here it is. Next Saturday my friends are having a final blowout bash for there mini DIY pool in their backyard. I think it would be an awesome stick-it piece. These dudes have a lot of history and there will definitely be some OGs there. try to make it.

C: sounds good thanks for the heads it on my calender. hit me back with your # and some details and im up in there!!

R: 555.555.5555. probably start around 11am - 1pm in Modesto

C: that's whats up!!

Called my homie Jake and made plans to go out shoot and session. There was a great turn out to bid farewell to what seemed like a well loved bit of DIY magic. As it turned out a couple of the guests were Ladonna and Frank from The Ranch. They let us know about a BBQ and jam that was to go down that eve and we should get our tails over there and do it up, so we did. People drink, people skate, I drink, I take photos and its an all around good thing.



  1. hah, i took one of the pictures on this blog, its GREAT to finally see YOU in your blog :)

    love who you are, what you do, and why you do it christian ... thank you very much bro !!!


  2. chris said...
    This is brilliant.
    thats all i can say.