Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Diego Gamez Interview

Bay Area Photographer who has been out there doing it for a bit. I have to admit I do not know much about him so when I approached him about the interview I figured this would be a good way to inform myself. One thing I did know going into this, his photos are tight. Enjoy the snaps and gleam a little info on a chill cat who man's the lens box.


Name, age, occupation, and location
My name is Diego ATL Gamez, Im a full time lurker and Im from Oakland, and Berkeley,CA

How long have you been shooting skating?
I've been shooting skating for about 7 years now. Had my first photo published when I was 18.

Self taught or schooling...or a bit of both?
My mom taught me the basics and I went from there. I took some classes on photo history which was rad but mainly self taught.

Can you give me a little juice on The low life cult?
The Low life Cult is just a place where I can post bullshit and express myself I guess. I need to update it though but I've been busy with other projects.

Digital or film or both?

Who out there inspires you in your photography?
Estevan Oriol,Roberto Oriol,Brian Gaberman, Glen Friedman, Boogie

Do you have a dream gig?
I never really though of it. I guess I'd like to have my photos in exhibitions all over the world.

Do you submit photos to any publications?
Every day.

Could you give me a break down of your equipment?
Nikon D700 with grip
Nikon 16mm fisheye
Nikon 50mm
Nikon 35mm
Hasselblad 501cm
Hasselblad 150mm
2x a12 backs
1x polaroid back
5x pocket wizard trancievers
3x sunpak 555's
1x sunpak 544
1x Quantum Qflash T2

If you could shoot anywhere in the US where would you and why?
New york city. I love the spots there and the way photos look. Especially when shot with film. New york city go. I shot some modeling stuff there but never skate photos.

What instrument would you play if you were in a band?
Drums fo sho, I love to make noise and its the only instrument that would take out my aggression. I'd also fucks with some turn tables get all qbert on that shit.

All right then that ought to do it. Thanks for your time and if you have any shout outs now is the time.
my mom at aidagamez.com, my girlfriend for letting me do what I love, 510 skateshop, Jamie hustle, All the oside homies, berkeley homies, sf homies, oakland homies, portland homies, La mission and everyone who has let me shoot a photo of them.

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