Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Over this past weekend I was able to tag along on the first "CREEP RIDE". This was a collaborative effort put together by Joel J over at Metro, Jake Crawley, and Mike O from Skidmark magazine. The word I would use to describe this little mission would be success.

It was slatted up to go a little something like this...meet at Metro at about 10:00 am on Saturday morning group up then hit the road for Benicia X Park. After that back on the road to Vallejo to ride at that park and grill up some grub. It should be known that at this point being flexible had to come into play, there were parks lined up and a final destination but good times, a chill mentality, and beer can often wreak havoc on the best laid plans.

After grilling and skating at Vallejo we got on the road to Santa Rosa park. Traffic was pretty dense and it took us a bit of going around to finally get on site. At that point the Rosa park was voted down for Sebastopol park. This park was killer but Jake almost got a ticket and we literally were there for about 15 mins. Strict helmet rules can really crash a good time. Feeling a bit bummed we packed up and got out to Willits...also a slammin park but dawn till dusk hours put us at our last destination too late. No worries, hop the fence and skate till the last bit of light goes then figure out where to crash/camp. Sugarloaf ridge campground was the spot. We all got there at about 9:30 set up camp started to wind down and get some vittles cookin. I proceeded to get tossed and woke the next day super hung over and feeling pretty useless. A few hurl sessions and some major crash time the next thing I know we are at St. Helena park to finish up the mission. Skating at this park was super fun and although our bro nutted on a rail and weather was crazy hot it all went pretty smooth. A big thanks goes out to all the folks who made this little mission come together, all the bros who rode their bikes, and everybody who helped to make the over all thing just kick ass. That's whats up!!