Monday, May 24, 2010

Roughneck Cal Train Tour

" I thought I told ya! " "I'm A Roughneck soldier!!!" This was the war cry echoing through the train car containing the crew....but we will get to that in just a few.

So another Roughneck event attended by me was very reminiscent of Phoenix am but way less traveling, and we rode on a train, and we hit many spots, and...well ok it was not much like the Phoenix am trip but it was with the Roughneck crew so that was the same. The idea behind this tour was to meet at DWNTWN at 644 Hyde drink a bit, eat a bit then smash down to the Cal train station. At this point board a train south to Menlo Park then hit Redwood City, and finish up in San Mateo. A crew started to gather when I showed up and grew to a crowd. The po' came and gave folks the hassle for being in the street, mind you this officer came up a one way street to reprimand everybody. Shortly there after the mob took off to the station. Everybody secured tickets and posted up for a few while we waited for the train to board. Time to go came and everyone hopped on the train and drinkin' and general ruckus began. It was about this time the prior chanting started up and carried us down to Menlo Park. The train staff were kind enough to give our car 2 count em 2 staff to keep us company and be sure we didn't rub folks the wrong way on our journey.

Menlo Park was the first stop and at this point we had a turn tables set up and other folks hooked up with the tour. The Lowcard guys were there and some local rippers including Josh Bozzuto. Super nice day, Matty P and Paola spinning, Johnny on the mic and all the kids skating who could ask for more. A product toss went down thanks to DLX and a best trick for some wheels from sevenfold then it was up and out to the next stop. Thank the maker for the flow Nomad skate maps from George, those bad boys made everybody getting to the spots cake.

Redwood City was a quick pop. Some more shredding, and product to give away. Also a taco wagon in the parking lot helped to make the stop worth while. Time was fast ticking away and there was one more spot to hit.

San Mateo was Atlas skateshop as the meeting spot then off to a cutty indoor spot that was killer. Wood structures that had been set up special was a real treat and a great way to wrap up the mission. Big thanks to Larry and the folks over at Atlas for making that all come together. I personally got home at around 9:30 pm and was tapped, but had a great time. Thanks to Roughneck and all the folks who made the Cal Train tour a success. "I thought I told Ya!!" you guys finish it up.