Friday, May 21, 2010

Keep Em' At It

Well not a lot to report on this posting. Getting out has been a bit of a challenge but yesterday my homie Tone hit me up and was down for going out and snagging some pics. The later afternoon came about and I picked him up and got to work. Hydrant spot first then Tone was wanting to get his rail game on so we smashed over to a shortish but tall rail over in Oakland. It had been a bit since Tone had worked a rail but I was able to keep a homie motivated and the session yielded a killer stoke for Tone and some snaps for me. Oh and as a side note we ran into my friend James and it was his birthday so he vaulted the rail and I had my gear set up and I got a B-day photo for him. The title is hinting at the idea that Tone was ready to bounce on the rail spot but a bit of encouragement from yours truly and he kept at it...and in the end that was killer for both parties.


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