Monday, April 11, 2011

Cleaning Up "The Spot"

A place has been developing over the past year or so over in Emeryville called "The Spot". A ton of DIY effort has gone into creating a destination for the local skating community to come and meet up to kick it as well as skate some pretty sweet terrain. The key to keeping this place ok with all the city officials is cleanliness. No graffiti, no ruckus, and most of all not letting the place turn into a trash heap. Recently the folks over at 510 got people out to work on keeping the latter a reality. Clean up day held all the locals coming out to collect trash, skate, BBQ, and celebrate what it means to be responsible members of a community that wants to keep a classic DIY spot alive. I was proud to get out with my 3 kids and do my part to help. Here are a smattering of shots I was able to grab while I got down and dirty helping to keep the underground legit.



  1. lil morgan on the front steezLE

  2. Ruckus the dog, however, is totally acceptable.

  3. your pictures are "the bomb" ... just like dustin's movies & that sick shirt he's sporting ... peace christian, thank you for staying real !!!