Friday, December 10, 2010

Robert Leidner Spotlight

Fellow photographer Robert has a great eye and is shooting some rippers in the bay area. I have yet to meet him but one does not have to have personally met someone to see that talent deserves recognition. Robert also feels like a good person, from the bit of conversation we have had. Very soon pints will be had and the true meeting will have gone down but in the short term have a look at some of his photos and try to get a feeling for who he is from the questions he has answered. One day you too may have a chance to have pints with him too, you know cuz pints with pretty much anybody is where its at.


C: Name, Age, Location, Occupation
R: Robert Leidner, I currently live in the Sunset District in San Francisco but I'm originally from Concord CA.

C: How long have you been shooting skating?
R: I first started shooting skateboard photos in High School, but after that I got into filming and that's what I was doing until about 2 and a half years ago when I started shooting stills again which I felt I always enjoyed more.

C: Can you remember when it hit you that this was something you wanted to do?
R: I knew from the time I started skating I was going to try and make it my life some way or another but because I'm a big guy I really suck at skating myself so I picked up a camera.

C: When you go out to get photos what might be the biggest downer?
R: Injuries for sure, I hate seeing my friends get hurt.

C: What gets you juiced up?
R: Just anyone who's down to make skateboard art!

C: Formal training, or just get out there and work it out?
R: Fuck anything formal I'm shooting skateboarding, its a independent sport so I'm trying to do it independently.

C: Digital or film or both?
R: Both. I just need to still be connected to my roots and film is where it all stated for me. Plus film is still number one in quality.

C: How often do you submit photos to publications, and what might those publications be?
R: As often as I can, I'm still in the beginnings of my career so I think I am paying my due's right now.

C: Have you ever had folks not use shots due to exclusivity issues?
R: No, not yet anyway.

C: Could you give us a brief run down of your gear line up?
R: Hasselblad with the 30mm fish, Nikon D3, and Lumedyne flash kits.

C: How long have you been working Moose Knuckle Mag? Give me the skinny on that name.
R: I started this up about 4 months ago when I was talking to my friend that I wanted to start a online and printed mag, then about a week later he Facebooked me and told me I should call it Moose Knuckle so I said fuck it and did.

C: How good are you at popping wheelies?
R: Good so long as you don't ask me to do them off the nose.

C: Ok bro we are done. Thanks for taking time to get up on the blog and fielding my questions. It's time to do the shout outs.
R: I want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years you know who you are.

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