Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ROUGHNECK 7th Annual BART Tour

Johnny Roughneck is a wealth of great ideas and one that he hatched 7 years ago still going strong. Bart tour is something that came into my view in the early part of this past summer. I was chopping it up with some of the locals at Berkeley park. We were discussing my adventures on the Phoenix am road trip. Most of the guys were familiar with Johnny and I asked how they knew about him. They all chimed in BART tour fool!! As far as I can tell there will be an on going batch of those locals where ever they be, telling someone some where one of the ways they know Johnny Roughneck is cuz of BART tour fool!

This year the tour took the crew from DWNTWN out across the bay to Richmond park. The street plaza park provided a ton of bomber tricks and the local crew definitely was appreciating the product toss. Next the crew headed over to the Wastelands. DIY goodness was appreciated by all. The last stop, which I regrettably did not make was back to SF to Potrero park. I hope the crew wound it down in style. I definitely look forward to another 7 years of ROUGHNECK sponsored BART tours. "I thought I told ya....I'm a Roughneck Soldier!!"


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  1. I saw you had shot some stuff on the Roughneck site. Sick. The SLC Trax tour was inspired by the BART tour. Super fun skating.
    Also, your header shot of the smith grind is rad!